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Michael Rothman MD



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Your Stage Of Life Inflam-aging Defense DIPHASIC NUTRITION PLAN (SOLID DNP) gives you two critical advantages that remedy-seeking nutrition supplementation never can. First, the diphasic component of your SOLID DNP gives a tremendous boost to your anti-anabolic defenses against INFLAM-AGING, then an equally powerful boost to your anti-catabolic defenses. It times each booster so as to facilitate a healthy Diphasic day-night metabolic cycle. Second, your SOLID DNP recognizes an obvious truth --- that a 15-year-old, a 25- year-old, and a 45-year-old all have their own specific nutrition needs. Your individualized supplementation plan will vary with your age. This is the only way to maximize your INFLAM-AGING Defense. Like its companion supplements --- Activator, Adapto-Max, and Oxy-Max --- REJUVENATOR provides a broad array of ADAPTOGENS --- dietary supplements proved by research scientists to boost health --- with your goal to --- LIVE STRONGER LONGER. These ADAPTOGENS empower the Immune System, the Nervous System, and the Hormone System --- bolstering Vital Reserves --- the energy of life. Notably, the four nutrients in REJUVENATOR go a huge step beyond the ADAPTOGENS in the other supplements of your SOLID DNP. REJUVENATOR provides what Gerontologists call “REJUVENINS”. These REJUVENINS address the aspects of INFLAM-AGING that come not from the environmental stresses that can overwhelm our health --- but rather from INFLAM-AGING that depends on our own individual biological clocks, and are generated from within our cells. You cannot find such a comprehensive defense again INFLAM-AGING anywhere but from Nutri-Spec. You need these REJUVENINS:* - Carnosine - Glycine - N-Acetyl-L-Cystine - Alpha Lipoic Acid *These statements come from literature provided by the National Institute of Health, but have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any

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